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healing & resiliency

I photograph trees that exemplify strength in the face of adversity. (And still they persist). All my images depict life that has sustained injury and is healed or healing. We can all relate to that. "Who speaks for the trees?" (The Lorax and me.) They are our silent sentinels protecting us and nurturing us in a multitude of ways and yet are abused & taken for granted. The images of their wounds and evident healing calls attention to 'civilizations' insensitivity to that which matters most. The different textures of the healing areas is visually attractive, I feel, because of the tension inherent in it.

fine sterling and keumboo suns bursting $55. @3/8"- sold and you can custom order

below sterling embossed and with zig zag patina $40.

copper synclastic bangle bracelet embossed $30.

sterling embossed, dapped and with selenium patina $45 (1/2 inch across

finecreationsjewelry is conveniently located

in Brookline's Point section north of Jamaica Pond

and south west of Brookline Village.

All jewelry, & creations are inspired by texture, nature, and abstraction.

My handcrafted jewelry is embossed with texture of a blossom, leaf, beehive, cornhusk, fabric or a custom texture.

Each piece is imbued with my deep passion for texture.

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by appointment only (easy!) especially Mondays and Tuesdays. madeline@finecreationsjewelry.com or 617-335-4326.

I may be at the bench, so please leave a voice mail. Visit my other sites for more information:


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below, L to R: working at the bench, in process with textures in sterling - of fabric/japanese cut maple leaf/hydrangea petal/lace & finally, metal fabric finished earrings 5/8" sterling.